Honk, honk! Kerhonkson!

Kerhonkson, NY – Jessica’s mountain retreat. Day 1. Monday, June 16th. We left Killens Pond State Park to head to our friend Jessica’s mountain retreat in Kerhonkson, NY. Man, is the New Jersey Turnpike ugly and sucky (Shane told me to give’em a break. “They’re doing their best.”) But we made it to the Catskills!! The drive to Jess’s house after the turnpike was pretty dope. Mountains everywhere and very picturesque. We drove through a quaint little town called New Paltz and had to pull our side mirrors in just to avoid sideswiping everything in our path. Only one person died. R.I.P. Toothless Tym! When we got to the driveway, Shane started to get nervous. Jessica’s driveway is gravel and not necessarily steep, but there was a lot of overgrown greenery on either side. We were worried it would scratch the RV but it didn’t! IMG_6369 When we got settled in, we sat on the screened porch, drank some wine and caught up. It was a nice night!

Day 2. Tuesday, June 17th. Today was the day we planned on continuing our geocaching. We got up, did some work and went into New Paltz for lunch at a brewery. We got 10% off since it was Tattoo Tuesday. Score! But man, we failed miserably at geocaching. Again. There was an old railroad track that was converted into a trail that had a ton of caches. Unfortunately, they were all micro or nano and we found 1 out of what, 6 or 20? We were pretty bummed. But we consoled ourselves by buying a ukelele that we will probably never play. ‘Merica. woe Then it was home for more screened in porch time.

Day 3. Wednesday, June 18th. We went into another quaint little town called Rosendale for lunch. It’s situated by some old aqueducts. Then we headed over to High Falls Dam, one of the first hydro electric dams built. IMG_6313 It was really pretty. We got to see many pale people sun bathing. We tried geocaching again but gave up after about 5 minutes. It was a lazy attempt at it and we failed anyway. We’re failures! These were weird caches, though. I think we excel at the ones where we find big boxes, not tiny ones. Ya know, the ones that require no effort, or antidote for poison ivy.

Afterwards, we came back home, did some work and then went on a bike ride in Kerhonkson. Wildlife: ground squirrel, chipmunks, baby rabbit, lady with a funoodle/floaty noodle/whatever you choose to call them in the Rondout Creek. This was probably one of my favorite activities today. Jessica in front, Shane in the middle, me in the back. All together but completely lost in our own thoughts. My favorite kinds of people are the kinds where we can be silent together with no awkwardness. There’s no pressure or obligation to say or do anything. Looking back at our stay here, I realize how much I enjoyed the pace here. Jessica is one of the easiest people to be around. Most of the time we were here, we all just did our own thing. Not to say we didn’t talk and hang out with each other, but it all goes back to no pressure. In summary: Kerhonkson is full of mosquitoes, geosuck, poison ivy and hot, but Jessica’s worth it.

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