Hurricane on our first night!

Well, we survived our first real night! Our first 10 minutes on the road, we thought we were going to die. Neither one of us had ever been near an 18-wheeler when a tire blew. I was watching the truck for some reason so I at least saw it. But all of a sudden, we heard (and felt) what sounded like a giant gun blast. I saw a puff of smoke on the truck but Shane (driving) thought it was our RV. Everyone around us scattered and swerved and freaked out. A car almost hit us so we had to swerve to the far left lane. Thankfully, no one was beside us and no one was hurt. After almost puking up our lunch from fear, we were fine and continued on our merry little way.

After a curvy & hilly drive, we arrived at Dru & Kim’s driveway in Hurricane, WV, where the biggest dangers were being sideswiped by the garbage truck or a school bus, neither of which happened. Whew! We enjoyed a delicious grilled meal of Tandoori chicken, veggies, rice and pineapple. Followed by cupcakes! All washed down with wine & beer, of course.

I grew up with Dru so it was so nice visiting and relaxing with my ‘brother’ and his family. I have such fond memories of visiting him & his family as a kid so it’s always nice to reconnect. Only this time, Uncle didn’t take me to the toy store to get whatever I wanted. But we basically just used their house as our bathhouse & cafe! So, folks, if you want to be featured in a blog post, have a giant vehicle hooked up to your house and you want to cook for us, give us your address!

Tonka did ok on the RV. He hated the ride, of course, but he’ll just have to get used to it.¬†We can finally get the RV organized in Kentucky and use all of the things we brought along. Grocery shopping wasn’t so bad without a car. We just split up the list & got everything we needed pretty fast while Tonka napped on the RV in the parking lot.

So stay tuned for Kentucky updates! Hopefully we can get some hikes in and some campfire lounging but more than likely, we’ll cram ourselves inside & watch TV instead. RV’ing y’all!

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  1. Thanks so much for including us in your trip. It was great catching up with you two. I wish we could see each other more often. Be safe on the rest of your adventure and I look forward to reading about it… hopefully with no more blown truck tires:)

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