KC is OK! OK is just fine, AK is alright, and Texas is Texas.

We are in the final stretch of our trip. Only 2 weeks left so we are blowin through some states to make it home. Luckily after driving the long boring trip across Kansas, we had some of our favorite relatives waiting for us in their amazing home in Kansas City, Missouri. You may remember these fine folks from our first trip we took in the RV to Myrtle Beach, and then again when we saw them in Iowa.


We had a nice relaxing time, first night had an awesome steak dinner, we were given fan art of Tonka, and we got to sleep inside! The next day we worked all day and chilled. It would have been nice to see the sights in Kansas City, but it was good to have a day of nothing after 3 months of go, go, go! That night we had bbq from an awesome place called Oklahoma Joes. We ate ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork and brisket. It was awesome. After dinner we all sat back and watched a few episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It was really nice hanging with Josh and Josie outside of a typical family function. They are some of our favorite folks in the world.



The next day, we got up, Jeena did some work, and I took the RV in for a much needed oil change. Once we got all packed up with leftovers, we hit the road for OK. We left really late so we ended up pulling into the campsite well after dark, and in a giant downpour. The office was closed, and we didn’t know our site number so we just parked in a spot and hunkered down for the evening. The next morning, we realized how nice this park was. It was called Natural Falls State Park. It had a nice little water fall that we hiked to in the morning. Apparently it was featured in the movie Where The Red Fern Grows.  We would had loved to stay for another day, but we decided to sprint through OK, AK, and Texas to make it to New Orleans, LA. But before Nola, we had to rest at least once in Shreveport.

Next stop: Shreveport and New Orleans!

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