We left Kanab under threat of rain and head out for the super long day of driving. We took what would have been a 5.5 hour driving day and turned it into an 8 plus day by heading to Four Corners Monument to cross ol’ New Mexico off our list. Read More

Utah Part 1. We finally made it to the state we were both looking forward to the most and it delivered. Utah is the most beautiful place in the world, in America. We hit 3 parks while we were in Kanab: Zion, Grand Canyon and Bryce (4 if you count the state park). Read More

Let me explain the title. Vegas was something! Let me just list everything that happened:

1. A wrench light came on in the RV on the highway. This means the engine went into limp mode and wouldn’t go over 60mph.

2. AC went on the fritz during the only time this whole trip where we’ve been in temps over 100 degrees. And it wasn’t terribly cheap to fix, but it didn’t break the bank either.

3. Oddly, no one won huge on the penny slots. Not even on the one named Kitty Glitter.

4. An amazing dinner was eaten at Scarpetta, but not by me. I was stuck in the hot RV. I heard the filet & lamb were cooked to perfection and the polenta appetizer was amazing. For the record, the canned Tuna I had was delectable!

That about sums it up. Although this isn’t their first trip to Vegas, I think a little more excitement was expected. It was just a little underwhelming but probably because of the costly AC repairs and extreme heat earlier in the day. That can be exhausting and bring things down a little!

Next: Kanab, UT!

Although we loved SanFran, it was great to start our trip back east. We chose a fancy looking RV park in Chowchilla, CA, nestled between vineyards that smelled like fresh manure and pesticide. Read More

This is probably going to be a long post so warm up your eyes. Read More