We arrived in Columbia Falls, Montana, a small town outside of Glacier and plopped down for the week. We almost didn’t make it this far north but Kate Krieger, one of my old improv teammates said she was living near there for part of the summer. I figured, I get to see breath taking beauty and get to hang with one of my favorite people? Why not?

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Yellowstone! Not much to say, necessarily, but only because you can’t really describe it. We arrived on a Friday and didn’t do much. We stayed in West Yellowstone which was touristy but we welcomed the civilization! We’ve been missing being around people and stores and restaurants! So we embraced it. Read More

After South Dakota we headed north and posted up right outside of  Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Our campground was in a small town called Medora. Never heard of it you say? I thought not either. Read More

South Dakota, where do I start?! As we left Minneapolis we stopped by my sister’s farm to say hi. Luckily it was my brother-in-law’s birthday, so all of my nephews and everyone from their side of the family was there to celebrate. It was good seeing everyone again. I spent a lot of time on that farm as a kid shooting my bb gun at yard trash. In fact one time I thought it would be a great idea to shoot at an aerosol can. Cue A Christmas Story memory! Read More

We went to Minneapolis for a few nights for the Greenfield family reunion. Who are the Greenfields? Are they a random family? No! The Greenfields are Shane’s mom’s side of the family – simple. Let’s have a look at the differences in our days in Minneapolis, shall we? Read More