IMG_1742I’m not so sure I like what’s going on here. We’re on a moving house and the scenery changes a lot. And the other day, I saw Squirmle.

It’s a love/hate relationship with Squirmle. I will kill him. No one else seems to notice him.

Although I’m starting to get used to this roadlife, I still get scared at the sounds of gravel and the front door. And don’t get me started on the 18-wheelers that pass us. No thank you! I’m done. Let’s go home.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, ask away! “Tonka, what do you do all day?” “Tonka, where do you sleep?”
“Tonka, can I send you a care package full of fried chicken?” Yes.

After West Virginia we set our GPS and headed to Kentucky. Here’s the thing about our GPS, it doesn’t give us routes specifically for RV travel. 90% of our trip was on interstate but about 10 mins before Read More

Well, we survived our first real night! Our first 10 minutes on the road, we thought we were going to die. Neither one of us had ever Read More

So, we’ve been in Fairfax for a little bit. I think I’m gonna like this place. I’m not crazy about Fender but thank goodness there are no more big changes comin’ my way, amirite? I’m settling in. Here’s me in a tree. Discuss.

We finally got everything moved out of our house and we have hit the road! Well, hit the road to Fairfax to spend the rest of the week with my parents, but we aren’t in Raleigh any more! We got a little choked up watching our house get smaller in the rearview mirror. Change is hard. But adventure awaits! Leaving our outdoor cat Poofy was heart wrenching, and as much as I would have liked to give her a good scratch goodbye, she was aloof and wanted none of my man action. (I don’t typically refer to petting a cat as “man action”, but it’s fitting in this context because I was really gonna give her some intense see ya later lovin’.) But as I’ve said before, she is in good hands while we are gone. Our other cat, CJ, has settled in nicely at my parents’ house. She has a big fenced in back yard to sunbathe and no random strays to keep her inside. My parents’ cat, Fender (who some of you may remember us rescuing a year ago), has taken a break from being a douche and has left CJ well enough alone.

Monday, we head out on our first loop. West Virginia – Kentucky – Tennessee then back to Raleigh for a wedding. But after that it’s see ya later suckers! And by suckers, I mean all my good friends who I already miss.