Last week we had a great send off with all of our friends at Crank Arm Brewery. It was awesome seeing everyone one last time before we hit the road; thanks to all who came out!

The past week has been crazy getting everything moved out of our house to rent. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in 11 years of being in the same place. Yesterday we spent the morning packing up the RV for the trip, and I was feeling pretty good about where we were in the move until my mother-in-law came over and said, Read More

So I hear I’m going on a big adventure for 4 months. Who would have thought the sickly, one eyed runt of the litter left for dead would be travelling across the country in a house on wheels? I’m scared but I’m ready. Now open this door and let’s go! (Please don’t forget to pack my food.)

Every once  in a while  someone will yell to me “Shane come back!” I know it’s a quote from the movie Shane and I know my name is Shane, so I get it. But considering I’ve never seen the movie, their words fell flat. But considering we are about to hit the road I figured I’d give that scene the quote is from a watchin’. And boy what a sad scene it is. A boy cries for a cowboy hero who will never return. That’s no fun. Read More

So I received my first ‘Have Fun’ card during a get together that will be one of the lasts before we shove off. I got oddly emotional about it which seems silly to me since we’re not moving away permanently. It’s just a 4 month trip, but the card came from one of my favorite people on this planet and made me realize this trip is actually really totally happening. It’s overwhelming, scary but completely exciting! Everything’s falling into place! Work? Check! Cats that aren’t coming with us? Check! Cat coming with us? Check! Furniture gone? Check! Date of departure? Not close enough. Harumph…