Shane come back!

Every once  in a while  someone will yell to me “Shane come back!” I know it’s a quote from the movie Shane and I know my name is Shane, so I get it. But considering I’ve never seen the movie, their words fell flat. But considering we are about to hit the road I figured I’d give that scene the quote is from a watchin’. And boy what a sad scene it is. A boy cries for a cowboy hero who will never return. That’s no fun.

Watching it I felt like both characters. The sad little boy wanting things to stay the same, and the cowboy riding off into the sunset not knowing what’s over the horizon. I’m currently torn between where I am and where I’m going. I’m excited about the future, but I’m really enjoying what I’m doing in Raleigh now, and it saddens me to think that when I get back things may not be the same. But then again it’s only 4 months. I often go without seeing friends / places in town that long, and they are always there waiting for me when I finally crawl out of my house.

I used to have a hard time dealing with separation. When I was a kid I was a real mama’s boy and every time my parents left town due to work I would cry and cry and cry. Luckily my awesome Aunt and Uncle would watch me when they were gone which was cool, because they are cool, and so are my cousins. One time when I was bawling my eyes out watching my parents back out of the driveway, my cousin Wes said to me,

“Why are you crying? You know you will see them again.”

It was at that point, I stopped wasting time on emotion and logic became my true master. He was right, why was I sad? I would and did see them again.

So see ya later Raleigh, I’ll see you again. (Actually in a month because of a wedding, but whatever, I’ll leave again and then come back again… so shut up.)


3 Comments on “Shane come back!

  1. Great, tear-jerker of a post. Now I am out of the box of Kleenex I had originally bought to wipe chocolate milk stains from around my mouth, not tears streaming down my face. That’s ok. I had immediately regretted buying that box because what I really wanted was mentholated wipes. Good luck, you too!

  2. Shane- that was an awesome story about your childhood. Everyone and everything will be waiting for you when you return!!!! 🙂

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