Jeena and Shane are two super peeps who were going nowhere. They lived in the same house in Raleigh for the past 11 years, feeding stray cats by day and watching Pretty Little Liars by night. With no real adventure filled markers to denote time in their lives they decided to hit the road in an RV for 4 months! Follow them for adventure updates and to see when they will be near you!

Profession: Music Merchandiser
Height: 5’1″
Likes: 1980’s Hair Metal, Cats, Pizza

Profession: Graphic Designer / Comedian
Height: 5’6″
Likes: Good bass lines, Lefse, Every cat in the world

Profession: Cuddle Bug
Height: 11″
Likes: Any food that isn’t his, Belly rubs, Chasing moths

RV (to be named)
Profession: Roadie
Height: 11’3″
Likes: Gas, Long rides, Jack Kerouac