There and Back!

Jeena’s final words:

Well, we did it. After years of talking about it, we finally did it and now it’s over. It was so much fun and I can’t believe how lucky we were to have been able to do this! At first, we thought we’d need a theme or some sort of goal. We did create some along the way, like visiting National Parks and getting stamps in our passport book or geocaching but I don’t think we really needed a goal. It helped us plan a route, though. But there’s nothing like just driving or riding around the country in a small space with your favorite beings. My favorite parts of the trip were when we visited family or friends we wouldn’t normally have seen in a given year and how excited everyone was for us. We had a lot of support and cheering which made the rare bouts of homesickness not so bad. I’m going to miss the variety of landscapes across the USA, the volatile weather or earth events that we experienced and just being out and about away from home. While we’re sad the trip is over, we are eager to be back among our friends and get back into the routine that we were so desperate to separate ourselves from. But we do have a running list of places we’d like to revisit. Good job, America! You have our interest.

Shane’s final words:

Our big RV trip that we’ve been talking about for years is finally over. I’m so glad we did it. We talked about it forever so it’s nice to have followed through for once. The places we saw were amazing and being able to share those places with Jeena made them even more special. I had big plans for this trip – I wanted to not only see the country, but read more, draw more, get in shape, have whiter teeth, and grow more hair. None of these things happened, I came back the same person I was before. Which I guess isn’t the worst thing. We’ve been back almost a week, and the trip already seems like a lifetime ago. Being on the road affords you time to slow down, take it easy, and calm not only the voices in your head, but those around you. Now that we’ve been back it’s been non stop. We’ve been moving stuff into our new apartment, and the first weekend back I did a 24 hour improv marathon for charity. Needless to say I’m exhausted. Eventually things will slow down, and we will find our groove again. I’m sad we aren’t traveling anymore, but it is good to get back to friends, and start fresh on some goals I’ve been sitting on for the past 37 years. We were really lucky to get to do this trip. Thanks to everyone who supported us, and followed us in our adventure!

Tonka’s final words:

It’s good to be back. Now feed me!

TRIP Stats!

Months on the road: 4+

Total Miles Driven: 11,000+

Total Amount spent on Gas: $5000+

Total amount spent on rental cars: $3000+
We chose to do this to not deal with making our car towable ($) and the hassle of dealing with a tow dolly.

Places stayed: 50

States visited: 48

National Parks/Places Visited: 25+

Number of reality show casting agents that contacted us to be on a show, but whose email we didn’t see until a month later: 1

Twomerang will go on a much needed vacation/hiatus but will return with future adventures! So don’t delete/unbookmark/unfriend us! Until next time, happy travels!

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  1. Congratulations on a successfully epic adventure, you two! How inspiring and awesome.

    Glad you’re back, and I’m looking forward to hearing some behind-the-scenes/DVD-extra stories!

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