Ask Meow Anything!

Not much to say for the past few days. We stayed at a crappy campsite, then a really nice one and now we’re back to what we’re used to. (Somewhere in between). I’ve been peeing on everything when the RV is in motion so there’s that.

Anyway, from now until Sunday noon (Eastern time) the first 5 people to reply to this post on Facebook with a question for me, yours truly will send you a postcard from an upcoming destination with my answer!

Annndd…. GO!

One Comment on “Ask Meow Anything!

  1. Tonka,
    Your life sounds amazing right now but maybe not so much when you’re in the RV. Are you scared when it’s moving and is it hard to keep your balance? Do you ever get car sick? Is it better to look out the window or lay on the bed when you are moving?
    Your bud,

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