Our next stop on the trip was Copake NY. Just a short drive from Kerhonkson, it would be our home base for the week. Our main reason for staying in Copake was because it was close to Stockbridge, Mass. There we would be attending Jeena’s sister’s husband’s sister’s wedding! Stockbridge is nestled in the beautiful Berkshires. The Berks consist of lush scenery, quaint towns, and about a bajillion entitled a-hole drivers.  Here’s an impression of me driving through the Berks.:“Thanks for pulling out in front of me you F*@Kin SunofaBitch! GD, mother efin, c@ck su…. ooooh thats a cute little house!”  Read More

Kerhonkson, NY – Jessica’s mountain retreat. Day 1. Monday, June 16th. We left Killens Pond State Park to head to our friend Jessica’s mountain retreat in Kerhonkson, NY. Man, is the New Jersey Turnpike ugly and sucky (Shane told me to give’em a break. “They’re doing their best.”) Read More

After spending a nice relaxing work filled time at the beach we headed north to Delaware. A lot of you may not realize this, but Delaware is a U.S. state located on the Atlantic Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. And I know a lot of you are probably thinking and a few of you may have moved your lips while thinking, “YOU DON’T SAY!” Yes, I do say. 

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Please join me on my foray into photojournalism. You can feel my happiness, my frustration, my passion. This is art. This is my true story: Tonka – This is it.


AAAAHHHH!!! Is that water???

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We’re already slacking with our posts. Sorry! Playing catch up now! We went to Nashville for a few days and stayed at Two Rivers Campground. It wasn’t bad. Smallish, basic but clean & functional. It was right across from Opryland but we never made it there. We met up with a full timing couple from RVillage and had a nice long chat with them during the live entertainment at the campground. Truck

Our car rental was interesting. Enterprise picked us up & took us to the office. We were already getting a low rate of $13/day and then they applied our Good Sam discount so it was really cheap. But they had JUST received a brand new truck and let us use it since they knew we were used to driving an RV. It was a huge truck. We had fun with it, though. One day, we did the COOLEST thing.

It’s called the Escape Game. We were locked in a room for 1 hour with a 5 person family. (Max of 8 per room). And we had to escape in an hour. There were items & clues & riddles all throughout the room. The end goal was to get the code that unlocks the door. The success rate for the room we were in was around 38% or something but we raised it! We nailed it! I highly recommend checking this out if you’re ever in Nashville. Other cities also have this. When we go back to Nashville, we want to do the 2 hour room!

escapeAfterwards, we went to the Parthenon but not only did we get there a little too late to go inside, some stupid couple was getting married there & ruining all our shots. Lame. But there happened to be an outdoor festival with food trucks while we were walking around the grounds so we bought some BBQ & sat and listened for a bit. It was nice. We went downtown on another day and it was fun, of course. We did a lot of walking. Mainly to get to Hattie B’s for some delicious hot chicken. Downtown was recovering from the CMAs and setting up for some CMA weeklong festival so it was pretty cool just walk around.

parthenonOne of those days, we visited Mammoth Cave National Park. It was pretty amazing. I don’t really know how to describe it. Just a giant cave that we walked through. Very interesting history behind it, too.

That night Shane did stand-up at another show. Again, super small audience, but the show was fun! There was a special guest that stopped by that night and did a set. Jon Bennett  is a comedian from Australia who does the festival circuit all over the world. It was interesting hearing his perspective on comedy. Talk about two ends of the spectrum though, he consistently does shows for several hundred people, and here he was doing an unpaid show for 4.

nashvillestandupThen on to Gatlinburg! We only stayed overnight there but the campground was so nice. Wooded and just pretty. We should have stayed there longer but had to go to Charlotte where we met with some of our favorite relatives, played with a baby, swam in a pool, soaked in a hot tub, went to the Jack White show (even went backstage!) and then came home to Raleigh briefly. There Shane did another show at Comedy Mongers. It was probably the best show he’s done so far. NC really has a great thing goin in terms of comedian, and show quality.

The next day we went to our good friends, Greg & Ruzin’s, wedding which was gorgeous out in New Hill, NC. Best wishes to the couple! On to Avon, NC! But not so fast. The tires on the RV were recalled so we had to wait an extra day to head out for the OBX. But here we are! Finally in Avon! In a rental house called 4 Play! What? Owned by a sex therapist. We got in too late to do anything last night and this morning has been all work. But we’ll soon take a lunch break and bike to the store to get some soda and then lunch on the beach. We jogged on the beach this morning. As idyllic as that sounds, I didn’t like it. I prefer pavement. But it was nice to get out there. Beach access is only 3 houses down!

Check out all our recent pictures here! Are we all caught up? Good! Stay tuned! We’ll be better about blogging and schedules & routines once we find our pattern. Questions? Yes? No? Maybe?