We arrived at Camp Turkeyville on July 10th. Turkeyville had what you would expect: Turkeys (and goats and bratty kids on bikes). They also had an ice cream shoppe, restaurant and dinner theatre. We never made it to the dinner theatre but we did eat at the restaurant. Unimpressed. Read More


We arrived at Nishanta and Tiffany’s house in Westerville, OH Tuesday, July 8th and parked in the street. We stayed inside and Tonka was able to stay with us and make great friends with their cats Tela & Saidie. Just kidding! They all steered clear of each other and hissed every so often, but it was all fine. We went out to eat at the oldest bar in Ohio and then went to a cool bar called 16 Bit. It was filled with old arcade games and best of all, they were all free!!! The 4 of us played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and beat it! After ‘inserting’ 999 coins each, of course (by just pressing a button) and it was just as awesome as when I played as a kid. Then Tiffany and I enjoyed a round of Terminator and shot stuff up. Such a great concept for a bar! We went home and hit the sack pretty late. The next day, we took it easy. Shane and I ran some errands, then we all reconvened at home for pizza and Euchre.

This was another instance of reconnecting with old family/friends. I hadn’t seen Nitu in ages and had never met Tiffany despite the fact that we are pretty good Facebook friends. So all in all, the trip was short, sweet and filled with pizza and alcohol… just like me.

Next: Marshall, Michigan!


After a rain soaked drive, we pulled into a KOA near Niagara Falls. The campsite was packed with July 4th revelers. We were parked next to Lady Gaga’s Read More

Not much to say for the past few days. We stayed at a crappy campsite, then a really nice one and now we’re back to what we’re used to. (Somewhere in between). I’ve been peeing on everything when the RV is in motion so there’s that.

Anyway, from now until Sunday noon (Eastern time) the first 5 people to reply to this post on Facebook with a question for me, yours truly will send you a postcard from an upcoming destination with my answer!

Annndd…. GO!

June 23rd-26th

June 23rd brought us to Old Orchard Beach, ME which is about 20 minutes or so from Portland. The area we stayed in was… interesting. Read More